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Act Always in Love
Taken from an article I looked up on http://astronuts.tribe.net/thread/097bba3a-fe81-4db0-a783-5e423ea9e399

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Ok, here's this week's exercise. Between today and tomorrow, write down everything that's been bothering you, irritating you, pissing you off, annoying you, etc. Don't get caught up in the emotions as you write them down, just allow yourself to know what they are as you list them. After you've come up with a list, take the paper you've written it on and burn it somewhere safely. Now don't go nuts and bring out the 5 gallon gas can. A simple fire should do people.  :)  What I was thinking was as you burn the paper, imagine those things you've listed as disappearing.

Exercise # 2 is for Monday. Sit down again and with some paper and a writing utensil, envision everything you want for yourself. What would make you happy? Where do you want yourself to be in life? In work? In play? List everything you can think of. Keep this list.

If I'm missing anything since I did miss the first few minutes of the meeting, feel free to add to it.  :)

Peace and happy writing!
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Welcome to Act Always In Love

Now may be the most significant time in the history of this planet. Things are happening that have never occurred here before. It is a time of amazing change and awe-inspiring potential. Now is the time to pay very close attention to the world around you... and to be excited about what you find there. When you do, you will discover: It is truly both intriguing and beautiful.

Change is happening at a breath-taking pace. A new world is being born. And while the long-term outcome is certain, the path we will take to get there is still "up in the air." Now is the time to get involved. Your actions and intentions now will define the shape of our world for a very long time to come. Now is when you can make the biggest difference. We're here to show you how.

Now is the time to get involved, to make a difference,

It can be tough to feel excited. There is so much "bad news" out there. There is so much that seems to be going wrong. The whole world seems to be falling apart. It's not. There is truly nothing to fear. Things are coming together so beautifully and powerfully, and at such a breath-taking pace, that if you could only step back and see it you would be amazed.

That is our first purpose here at Act Always In Love: to remind you how to step back and see and feel clearly. Our next purpose is to show you how you can make the biggest difference.
Waking up

When I was a child in the 1970s, I read a book that said the world was going to end in 1984. At the time, I believed it. I admit to feeling a bit surprised when it didn't end. You probably noticed. In the years since then I have heard the same prediction made countless times. "The end of the world is just around the corner."

It isn't.

I spent much of the last 20 years traveling around the world, studying with monks, shamans, teachers, healers, mystics and others. I acquired a Master's degree in Psychology and a Doctorate degree in religious studies. What I found in all that study is amazing. Since somewhere around the year 1 people have been shouting, "The world is ending at any moment!" Every single time, some folks believe them. And every single time it doesn't end. It doesn't matter that the has world failed to end hundreds of thousands of times. Still so many of us live in perpetual fear of that same ancient idea.

If you have the Gift of discernment, or prophecy, or any of several others, you will already know this. If you have not yet developed your gifts, now is the time to get started! This is the time and place. In the meantime remember:

It's not the end of the world.

"But look at all the bad stuff that's happening!" The news is full of chaos, war, disease, pain, …. Of course it is. It's supposed to be.

The world where a handful of powerful people controlled everything is ending. The time when secrets were everywhere is passing. A new world of truth, honor, honesty, love, joy, and true human potential has been born and is rapidly taking over. The systems of manipulation and lies, and the people who run them… are scared. They are doing everything they possibly can to try to maintain a rapidly failing grip on this beautiful world.

While the people of the world are afraid—while you are afraid—they still have the illusion of control. Your fear makes you weak. It keeps you from acting. It intimidates you into silence and immobility. it takes away your power to make a difference. Moving beyond that fear into the higher and healthier emotions will begin to set you free. Joy will return you to you. Trust in yourself lets you relax and begin to breathe again. Love allows you to act, to reach out in the world and get involved. Inner peace arises and you begin to wake up! It's time for that.

It's time for you to wake up.
Paying attention

If you are paying attention, you probably feel a lot of physical and emotional chaos. That craziness and pain can make it tough to stay focused, to pay attention. You may feel there is something huge you need to do, or that you don't belong and just want to go Home (wherever that is). If you are normal, you probably have no real idea what you want to be "when you grow up" even if you are already in your 70s or 80s. There is a lot of personal upheaval going on. This world too has a lot of things to distract you: Television, work, business, stress, family, love-lives, prescription drugs, the 'net, games, … and all the busy-ness of life. Between your personal chaos and the world chaos, life can be just overwhelming.

Even if you want to pay attention it can be so difficult. And you may have no idea what to pay attention to, or even how to do it… That's ok. You can find those answers here.

In my travels and my studies I've come across a lot of simple exercises—easy to learn and easy to do—that will make all the difference for you. I've been using them for years. I've taught them to so many people one-on-one and in small groups. Now I'd like to share them with a larger audience.

Lots of different folks will be happy to tell you "what's going on" and exactly "what you need to do about it." They say, "Believe this.", "Go there.", "Pay this much money." or "Give up that…" We don't work that way. The very first exercise will show you how to pay attention to your own inner awareness, how to develop it, and how to learn to trust it. The other exercises go from there. All of it is offered, as true guidance should be, at no cost. The more you learn to listen to you, the more you can love and trust and heal… the more the world will heal. Getting to live in that world, to be part of that Shift, is what we get out of this—and it's enough.

It's not hard work! Strange as it might sound… Remember this: you are already exactly where you need to be. There is nothing that you have to do. Slow down for a moment. Breathe! Take a look at something beautiful around you (There is always something) and really appreciate it. Think, right now, of some time in your life when you had fun… Remember that feeling now. Relax…. Breathe… Feel appreciation and joy… fun. Just do that for a moment. Was that difficult? Maybe a little… but only because you haven't done it in a while. It gets easier and easier to smile, to remember joy, to breathe… That's it. You've already started. You're on the path. Remember to do this anytime you feel tense or afraid. You're already on the way.

All the ideas on this site are that simple. Why?

If it's not simple, you haven't understood it.

All true things are simple. Anything you study, anything you know, only seems complicated until you "get it." Once you do, you realize, it's not that hard. The same is true of Life. Once you really understand it, it's simple. Even the complicated inner growth exercises are simple once you understand them. And I seem to have a gift for that: for taking complicated ideas and expressing them in simple words, for taking complicated processes and spelling them out in simple steps.

Everything you need to make your next steps is here on the site. You don't need me or the AAIL staff to help you – it's all here. If you want more however, there are some other choices on the site.

There is the Re-creating Our World exercise.

There is a mailing list where we send out our latest thoughts.

Here are some exercises you can do to advance your own walk.

Discussion groups, group projects, and more are available here.

You can join AAIL and take a more active part in helping us help others. There are several roles we would like to have filled and we are growing all the time.

And if you don't have time to join but would like to donate to our group, contributions are always welcome.

We offer Classes here in Mesa, on-line or we can come to you.

There is a lot of fun stuff available here.

You can send a message to us. Whenever possible, we'll reply personally and quickly.

I do personal intuitive counseling if you would like to talk to me.

There are lots of choices for you. In the meantime. Remember to pay attention… and to:

Have fun!

For the next several thousand years, the people of this world will look back at this time in history in awe. They will, almost without exception, wish they'd had the chance to be alive during these crucial moments. You are! Remember to pay attention to it. Keep breathing, remember that simple appreciation exercise. Try the more advanced ones if you like. Together, we will bring this world back to its own highest destiny.

Peace :)
Dr. Nicholas Knoth

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